Our Goal

To make the best effort to help everybody around us and make their dreams come true.
all our family members works for the greater good and trying hard to make something that we will be proud of in the future ...

Anyone who wants to participate with us and have new ideas ,feel free to contact us ...
Before registering in the Site, you have to be a member of SAY Family :

You must Contact and register first with
-Dr. Ahmed Hemdan
-Dr. Rawya
-Dr. Miran

otherwise your registeration in the site will not be approved
- Opening our new site
- Students own hand writings is now available in the copy center
- A trip for Wady El Rayan
- Arranging a competition for level 2 students
- Dr. Anter Soliman "Quanin Al Zakera w Al Tzakor"
What We Do

- Arranging Trips & Cultural Events.

- Discovering students talents.

- Providing students with lecture notes and helpful study materials.

- And much more ...

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We hope ,
you'll enjoy your time with us ...

Faculty of Pharmacy
Ahram Canadian University

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